Training and Staff Events

Powerful events management with in-app automation

Add the details and let the system do the work

Create a limitless number of events for your people.

Set time, date and location

Add the organiser

Set the number of places

Invite your people

From targeting one person, to the whole hospital, invite anyone or everyone

Add your Teams

Add your target audiences

Allow people to save the event to their own calendar

The right notification to the right person

Communicate with attendees

Automatic reminders

Tell the system what reminders to send, and who gets reminded

Switch alerts on or off

Organisers log in

Event Organisers can log in and manage any detail

Create new Organisers at any time

All managed by you in the powerful Control Panel

How it works

Choose the right subscription
Off the shelf or customisable?
Small or large organisation?

Add the modules you need
Choose any combination of modules for staff engagement or patient involvement

Create your account
Tell us where you would like your service to be hosted before you complete your order

That’s it. We’ll build your new service on a secure, dedicated domain