What is Included in a HealthWheel Subscription?

We’ll get you up and running with HealthWheel, securely hosted for you on a dedicated domain. The content management system enables you to configure your chosen modules and you can access the handy ‘how to’ articles on the online knowledgebase to help you along.

Can I get extra support with my implementation?

Yes! You can choose a higher level of subscription to get a supported or bespoke implementation service. We also offer bespoke design and content building support, as well as non-technical support so you can pick up the phone to us any time!

What are the Terms and Conditions of use?

Our full Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Is there a Privacy Policy?

Our full Privacy Policy can be found here.

Are there any limits on how much content I can upload to my system?

There are no limits on how much content you can create! That means no data storage limits, survey limits and no team limits.

Are there any additional costs?

If you want to take advantage of the SMS messaging service, we will support you to create an account with the network provider. You then just pay for the network credits you use.

How many admin users are included?

Full tier and above members can make as many admin users as your team needs so anyone in your team can control your system with variable permissions.

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