Helping You in Your New Role

Get to know your organisation quickly

Find colleagues and services, anywhere, anytime through the in-App staff directory

Read up on clinical and organisational documents at a convenient time through your smartphone.

Ensure a quality experience and avoid variability across your organisation by ensuring that everyone has access to all information from day one via the Staff App.

Improve confidence

Access pre-loaded in app orientations and virtual tours: explore work locations with confidence, getting messages along the way

Virtually find services, meet management, be introduced to staff areas and plan journeys to/from work with live travel information.

Make staff feel welcome and highlight the things they need to know from day one.

Feel welcome from day one

Send electronic messages: staff can benefit from automated induction user journeys to ensure that each and every member feels welcome and part of the team

Smooth new staff into their roles and improve their general understanding of your organisation and the overall care setting.

Let the system do the hard work of sending out personalised and tailored messages.

Administration Features

Easy to set up and configure staff maps and tours; administrators can make changes and updates live through the online control panel.

Create an unlimited number of tours to help familiarise new staff with your location(s).

Create a series of messaging and unlimited staff information journeys.

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