Promoting Self Care


Connect with patients and carers in a highly personalised way

Fill voids for patients and ensure continuity through automated communications beyond their appointment

Give patients the confidence to navigate the healthcare system for themselves.

Reinforce your key healthcare messages at the most appropriate points along a patient’s care pathway.

Take control of the digital information that patients access: signpost patients to trusted sources of information.

Empower patients to manage their health and wellbeing

Support patients with information on services and conditions

Create an unlimited number of communication pathways, targeted for specific health profiles.

Patients will receive condition-specific health messaging in bite size chunks at regular points along their care pathway.

Ensure the right person gets the right message

Automate the capture of patients’ and carers’ communications preferences, health interests and needs

Target messages on scale to patient groups: take the hard work out of personalised messages.

Utilise digital tools to support patients beyond practice-based consultations.

Create an unlimited number of automated information pathways

From condition-specific messaging to healthy eating campaigns: ensure patients are receiving the right messages at the right time

Match information pathways to patient profiles to ensure all registered users are presented with the most relevant pathway messages.

Information pathways can be edited and added at any time to ensure information is always up-to-date.

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