My Health Wheel comes packed with features and ready to go

Activate your patients, engage your staff, unlock efficiencies



NHS IG Toolkit and N3 hosting for complete peace of mind.

Secure integration with your systems, so you can do what you always do and let the computer do the work

Smartphone apps on android and iOS, for a personalised experience and ultimate accessibility

Designed for patients, by patients and healthcare experts



Use my location to trigger notifications

Harness the power of the cloud to deliver my healthcare information, simply on my preferred device, wherever I happen to be

Multi-channel communications and realtime alerts, for accessibility and convenience

Content targeted by location, to bring the local healthcare economy to life

Automate routines and workflows, right from your clinic

Integrated records across primary and secondary care



Book and schedule appointments, offer scheduled alerts, reminders and messaging

Content tailored to me, and to the people I care for

Access records and results, conveniently from home 

Authorised access for carers to information and alerts for dependants



Public health alerts and advice

Deliver health literature to the right person at the right time in their pathway

Promote health and wellbeing

Offer lifestyle advice

Medication reminders, for improved compliance

Simplicity for healthcare professionals and service users alike


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