My Health Wheel enables healthcare providers to engage in new ways with patients and the public.

As a patient, I don’t feel in control of my healthcare. As a carer, I can’t access information for my loved one. As a professional, I waste lots of time on routine communications.

So we’ve worked with healthcare professionals, service users and engagement experts to develop a solution that makes healthcare simple.

Research shows that better informed patients are better patients

They have better clinical, quality of life and even financial outcomes. They use services when needed, more effectively. They tend to choose less invasive interventions which are less expensive, have fewer side effects and are often safer. They possess a higher level of self-confidence, get healthier more quickly with reduced anxiety, and have a higher level of compliance with their (chosen) treatments.

Yet for millions of people, we still don’t get it right

In the UK alone, 5.5 million patients are estimated to routinely miss out on vital information at the point of diagnosis each year.

36% of patients with LTCs don't have necessary info at diagnosis
32% lack the info needed to discuss decisions with their doctor
28% feel their views aren't taken seriously by their doctor

Now you can enable patients to feel more in control and become more active partners in their own care.

With MyHealthWheel care providers can engage digitally and get the right information to the right person at the right time

Patient App

Patient Feedback

Patient Hub

PPI Events
Active Care Planning

Staff App

Staff Insight

Staff Portal

Staff Events

Ensure your staff always have the right tools for the job, with HealthWheelConnect


NHS DSPT and HSCN hosting environment for complete peace of mind.

Secure integration with your systems, so you can do what you always do and let the computer do the work

Smartphone apps on android and iOS, for a personalised experience and ultimate accessibility

Designed for patients, by patients and healthcare experts



Automated workflows and notifications

My healthcare information, simply on my preferred device, wherever I happen to be

Multi-channel communications and realtime alerts, for accessibility and convenience

Content targeted by condition, service or location

Automate routines and workflows, right from your clinic

Simply integrated with the EPR



Book and schedule appointments, offer scheduled alerts, reminders and messaging

Content tailored to me, and to the people I care for

Access records and results, conveniently from home 

Authorised access for carers to information and alerts for dependants



Public health alerts and advice

Deliver health literature to the right person at the right time in their pathway

Promote health and wellbeing

Offer lifestyle advice

Medication reminders, for improved compliance

Simplicity for healthcare professionals and service users alike